Intraday Stock Cash

The trader who wants to earn profit from market momentum should apply for this service. In the Intraday stock cash package we provide stock intraday tips for intraday day traders with proper target and stop loss.

We provide you calls on the news using technical analysis by using SMS and WhatsApp system this system delivers the calls to you instantly so that you get enough time to enter the market for trade; for intraday traders there is no need to huge amount for trading, traders can trade with small amount of capital can also participate in stock markets and earn from our stock tips.

Intraday trading is risky but you can make huge money with proper analysis and strategy the MARKET WIZARDS provides you tips with proper analysis and Strategy this with a minimum charge. If you want to take risk then you should apply for this service.

Intraday Stock Cash Service Basic Features

You get 2-3 recommendations where each recommendation has a target and a Stop loss.

Risk Reward Ratio Would be 1:2.

Follow-up messages of the calls

Demo Calls

CASH : SELL NTPC BELOW 125 CMP 125.50  TGTS  122 -120 SL 123.50

Charges- 1500 rs per Month