Positional Calls

This service is meant for swing traders who wish not to invest their substantial time and effort with intraday trading but are pretty eager to generate returns and profits from the market by holding on to their positions 2 to 6 days or up to 2 weeks. Whether you’re a trigger-happy trader looking for great profit opportunities, or a busy working professional who wants to lock in steady weekly gains without being chained to a computer all day.

We are a technical analysis firm that has experience in buying and selling a portfolio of the stock market and comes as a remedy for anybody wanting to grow exponentially on the crest of the stock market. The basic idea is that, if someone keeps holding losing position and has a cut on their profitable positions, the idea is to cut the position after a brief period of time, irrespective of the trade being in profit or in a loss.

Become a winning trader… a fast and easy way!

Designed to help you make money without being chained to your computer all day
Perfect for working professionals without the time to day trade but still want to actively trade the market
2 – 3 swing trade alerts per week by SMS and whatsapp
Conservative 3 – 20%, rinse and repeat

Charges – 3000 rs for 3 Months