Technical Analysis

Why Is Risk Management Important in Trading?

Risk management is a critical aspect of trading that is often overlooked by novice traders. It involves the process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks that may affect the profitability of a trading position. Effective risk management strategies are essential for any trader who wants to succeed in the highly volatile and unpredictable world …

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How To Build Trading Confidence

Building trading confidence requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and the right mindset. Here are some steps you can take to build confidence in your trading: Educate yourself: A solid understanding of the markets and trading strategies is essential for building confidence. Make sure you are continually learning about the markets and different trading strategies. …

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Top Technical Analysis Indicators.


Technical analysis indicators analysis tools that can help traders and investors better understand and act on price movement. There are 100s of technical analysis indicators available that analyze trends, provide price averages, measure volatility and more. In this article, we’ll give a brief description of some of the most popular technical analysis indicators that can …

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How Do crude oil Affect The Stock Market

 The oil market is especially sensitive even to a hint of expansion or contraction in supply-James Surowiecki. Oil Industry is one of the pillars and backbone of the global economy. It is necessary for the functioning of the entire world. Everything from manufacturing machinery to plastics can be extracted through oil or some byproduct. Crude …

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