Premium Membership

The trader who wants to learns and earn profit from market momentum should apply for this Premium Membership. In this package, you get signals based on the Equity and Index option.

You, Will, Get-

  • Intraday Calls – 3 to 5 call based on Equity Cash and Index Option
  • Important updates.
  • Guidance.

We provide you calls using technical analysis and by using WhatsApp system this system delivers the calls to you instantly so that you get enough time to enter the market for trade; for intraday trading, there is no need for a huge amount of money, traders can trade with small amount of capital can also participate in stock markets and earn from our intraday signals.

You get 3-5 recommendations where each recommendation has a target and a stop loss.

Risk Reward Ratio Would be 1:2, 1:3

Follow-up messages of the calls

Charges- 1099 Rs/15 days

Charges- 1999 Rs/per month

Charges- 4999 Rs/3 months

Investment in the securities market is subject to market risk, we do not offer any guaranteed profit services or Fixed Returns. Before taking Expert Advice & any services with ProMarketWizards, the Client should read the disclaimer, terms, and conditions, refund policy of the company. Investing and Trading in the stock market is risky. It Involves both profit and loss, Due to leverage both profit and loss are exaggerated, our service gives advice on trading in which both target and stop loss is mentioned, however, the execution of trade is solely the responsibility of the client. We are not SEBI Registered.

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