What is Virtual Stock Trading? Best sites to learn

Virtual Stock Trading

In this post, we are going to discuss what is virtual stock trading and best sites to learn virtual stock trading in India. It’s going to be an exciting post for beginner who wants to learn Indian Stock Market without risking their money.

What is Virtual Stock Trading?

A virtual stock trading also called as paper trading. It is similar to the actual trading happing where you can buy and sell shares. In virtual stock trading no real money is involved. You trade only in virtual money. Platforms that provide virtual stock trading facilities are called stock simulators.

When you register in these platforms, you will get virtual money (Say Rs 10 lakhs) in your account. You can use this money to practice stock trading.

These platforms provide real-time stock data, which means that you can try out different techniques and strategies of trading in shares just like the real stock market, but without risking your money

How do virtual stock trading platforms work?

These are the steps required to start virtual stock trading in India-

  1. Open a free account (using your email-id) on a platform
  2. Get virtual money in your account.
  3. Start buy and sell stocks like real stock trading scenarios.
  4. Monitor your portfolio and track profit/loss.
  5. Try different strategies and learn the trading basics.
  6. When you get enough confidence and experience- move to real trading.

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Best sites to learn virtual stock trading in India.

1. Dalal Street

Website: https://www.dsij.in/Stock-Market-Challenge

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) popular virtual stock trading platform in India which helps you to understand the different trading techniques and Strategies.

After complete registration, you will get virtual cash of Rs 1,000,0000 to create your portfolio. At DSIJ, you can also discuss strategies with like-minded participants in the discussion group.

 2. Moneybhai

Website — https://moneybhai.moneycontrol.com/

One of leading finical website Moneycontrol website offers Moneybhai. It is a free virtual trading platform where you will get Rs 1 crore virtual money after registration which you can use to invest in shares, commodities, mutual funds, or fixed deposits on the platform.

At Moneybhai, you can also compete with fellow Indian traders by joining different leagues. There’s also a free forum on this website where you can ask your queries or participate in the on-going discussion threads.

3. TrakInvest

Website— http://www.trakinvest.com/

TrakInvest is a global trading platform that helps you to learn, develop and improve your investing skills. Currently, it provides a curated market data and news from 10 exchanges. It also offers beginners’ guides and videos, certification courses designed by industry experts and simulations for competing for rewards.

At TrakInvest, you can also track other traders and dig deeper into their trading activity (portfolio) where you can replicate their trades using the ‘Copy Trade’ facility. Overall, TrakInvest provides a simple and friendly platform for ‘Social’ virtual trading for beginners.

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